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Thomas Jefferson said “Periodic revolution, ‘at least once every 20 years,’ was ‘a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.’” That may be even truer for business. We need new blood, new companies, new methods, new ideas, new applications, and new leaders to regenerate stale industries. The old must be plowed under by the new. But today it seems like the old is doing the plowing. Let’s stop that. Let’s build great companies that are here to fight, here to win, and here to stay until the next generation after us comes along and kicks all our asses. And again and again and again. That’s how better happens.

The next generation bends over - (37signals) (via hiten)

My first thought when hearing about the $170M number was, “that’s cheap.”

I think it is kind of naive of Jason over at 37 Signals to think that VCs are changing the fundamental pattern of creative destruction. It would take a lot more to keep dinosaurs alive.

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