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Sci-fi movies are better when there are more nukes

Pacific Rim was great, but I do have some gripes. These are spoilers so don’t read this if you haven’t seen it. Go see it!

  1. Nuke 3000m under water somehow parted the water like the Red Sea, leaving air, followed by a tsunami. Does not compute.
  2. Gratuitous, “oh, it didn’t die” scene in the end, where a nuke didn’t kill a Kaiju. The one at the start was ok, this one wasn’t.
  3. A nuclear reactor turned into a nuclear bomb without modification. You just needed to flip a switch apparently.
  4. You need a chalkboard wall of math to note that the Kaiju are coming more often? And did you special request that chalk board, because pen and paper weren’t your style? Isn’t there a huge resource draining war going on, with food rationing and all?
  5. After an EMP, only one jaeger was left, because it was analog. Please ignore all the computers on board. Oh, and “it’s analog. It’s nuclear”. Nuclear has nothing to do with analog. Plus having that EMP reach the base was totally unnecessary. It could have just hit locally and would still leave Gypsy Danger to be the only jaeger left to help.
  6. So nukes can kill Kaiju. I get you don’t want to bomb cities, but why not have some unmanned nuclear smart mines that stick to Kaiju right after they get out of the bridge?
  7. And why not smaller robots that have bombs and plasma cannons. Is a punch really stronger than a bomb? Why not have jets shoot them from beyond the Kaiju’s reach? Maybe hover some helicopters and pump it full of missiles? Maybe send in some cruise missiles?
  8. Ok, so the little girl was saved by the Stringer Bell. But then they had a touching extended stare? When he was on top of the 400 foot tall robot, a quarter mile away? 3 football fields away is not close enough to have a touching extended stare. You squint and think “oh, yeah, I think someone is standing there”.
  9. Why don’t the powers at be build more jaegers when the Wall of Life fails? Is there not enough time? Why would they stop?
  10. Why don’t they build bigger and bigger jaegers? Any why again don’t they just nuke them when they come out of the bridge?
  11. Why the hell would people still live on the pacific coast? After 7 years?
  12. I get that the audience doesn’t know there is a sword on Gypsy Danger. My guess is that pilots don’t forget one of the two weapons onboard. 
  13. Falling from 50K feet will not cause you to burn up. Crash landing will kill the humans on board though. At least show the robot doing a roll to make it more plausible. Or shoot something down into the water to break the surface tension.
  14. Please remove any hint that a huge monster could be lost in a city. It literally leaves a wake of debris and fire wherever it goes, like some kind of Hansel & Godzilla breadcrumbs. 
  15. So Stringer Bell got some kind of cancer because the first jaegers didn’t have radiation shielding. Why would that stop him from going into a newer jaeger? They have better shielding. Or was it that going solo was a death sentence? Solo piloting should have been the cause, and Raleigh should have started to show symptoms after taking up piloting again, and then the selfless behavior at the end would have been better explained.
  16. They didn’t put any guns at the top of the Wall of Life? No tactical nukes?
  17. So these kaiju can destroy steel and concrete buildings. What did they think building the wall would do when we see the steel beams going into building it?
  18. Ok, so does every movie need a scene where you think someone is dead, there are no signs of life, but then they turn out ok?
  19. A clock counting up after an event doesn’t remind you of anything besides increasing time since that event. That isn’t motivating, it is calming.
  20. The call to the team once the bridge was closed was “stop the clock” and not “the kaiju war is over”. That clock doesn’t matter, especially to the remaining 99.99% of humanity not in the room. Really missed the chance to show a world wide Return of the Jedi celebration montage.
  21. Obviously Raleigh should have died in the end. Then Mako could have said something sad about how a part of him will always be with her because of the drift. They should have hooked up, and then she should be pregnant with twins who are also imbued with Raleigh also because of the drift.  This is sequel fodder, obviously.